Sunday, December 19, 2010

A FEW Items to Refinish

Queen Bed
Queen Bed
King Bed
6 Music Stand chairs(I don't know what else to call them)
Small buffet type cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Table
6 Cane back chairs
4 ladder back chairs

If any of these interest you, contact us and we can do them how you want.

WE Want To Wish Everyone a HAPPY HOLIDAY

Here are a few pieces we have just finished, just in time for Christmas.

DINING TABLE & 4 CHAIRS 61 long 40 wide. Fun 2 tone green & white with stripe seats (only 2 chairs are shown but there are 4) - $250.00-SOLD

Cute child's Rocking Chair - $45.00

Cute Child's Rocking Horse - $25.00- SOLD

White Vintage Twin Bed - $80.00-SOLD

White Cabinet 27 wide 17 1/2 deep 77 1/2 tall. Drawer pulls out and I think it is for a computer keyboard to sit on. - $125.00 - SOLD

I know the pictures aren't that great but everything is a little harder in the winter. BUT........

We have just finished our Winter Paint Booth so we can start painting again. I'll post another listing with some of the unfinished items we are getting ready to do.



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