Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Furniture For Sale

Vintage Child Desk and Chair - $80.00
Child Red Desk and Chair - $50.00
Child Turquoise Rocker - $35.00
Red Cabinet - $50.00


  1. Hi! I am interested in the rocker. Could I come take a look sometime? Also doyou have any other child sized rockers? I am looking for 2.

  2. Hi, You can contact me at and we can set up a time for you to come look. We do not have another rocker at this time but we get them often. Thanks

  3. i'm so happy you guys started a blog. i can't get enough of your work!!! ---liesl

  4. I'm looking for one or two dressers, I often do the shabby chic myself but right now want the look with out the project--lol. I was so excited to come by this page via KSL post and Janie thanks for the email with the right web url.
    please let me know what you have thanks

  5. Hi, We do have some dressers that we haven't finished yet. I could take some pictures and email them to you (I would need your email address) or you could come look. Thanks for looking at our blog.


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