Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was just thinking last night how fast time goes by. The year 2000 seems like it was just here and it was 11 years ago. Unbelievable!!! I guess time does fly when you're having fun.

We are thinking now that we still want to have the yard sales. We have so much fun doing them (even if they are a lot of work). We'll keep doing things the way we are doing them now and then when yard sale time comes we'll give more information then. I guess we better get busy.

I picked up quite a few of these 1960's brushed aluminum chairs and have been re-upholstering them in our down time of painting.
They are very nice and sturdy. If anyone would like these in their choice of fabric, let me know and I'd love to do them. They are $35.00 ea ($30 with your fabric)

Also, I picked up some new children's furniture that I put together that have turned out so cute.

Pink Vanity with mirror - $35.00
Desk/Drawing table & chair (has blackboard top and roll of paper behind that can be put through slot to go on top of desk for drawing and the top can easily be changed to flat or slanted). $50.00
Table and 4 Mice chairs - $50.00


  1. i am interested in you aluminum chairs. Do you have 6?

  2. I am in love with those aluminum chairs. I am hoping 4 are still available? I see that Amy might have already beat me to it :(
    oh, and that I can find a matching table!

  3. Any more aluminum chairs available?


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