Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can't Believe Summer is about gone.

Where did the summer go?  I have been getting quite a few emails about our yard sale.  Well, we have decided to change things a little (I know we did this before and didn't stick to it, but this time it is for sure).  Anyway, we are not having the yard sales anymore.  It got to be way way too much work, transporting, storing and transporting again more than 200 pieces of furniture.  So now this is how we are doing things and it has been working good.  We are finding furniture, painting it, advertising it, selling it as we get it finished.  I am sending out emails from our list, putting it on the blog, and advertising it on KSL.

If there is anything you are looking for, just email us or call us.  You are welcome to come see what we have and what we are working on.  If you are not on our email list and want to be, email me  rogergillespie@gmail.com and I will put you on it.  I try not to send emails until we have a few finished items but don't wait for them, give us a call because some of the pieces get sold before I can get a picture.

Thanks for looking and hope to see you soon.

Janie, Colleen, Ron

Dining Table with 2 - 12" leaves and 4 chairs
Table measures 47" without leaves
$250.00 - SOLD
Dresser with hutch
Measures 32 wide 18 deep 72 tall
Picture looks like there is 2 but 1 has sold
Fun detail on drawers
$165.00 - SOLD


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  1. I love your stuff!!! I took up the bug when I was about 21 and we got a bunch of antique furniture from my grandparents who were Antique dealers in New Hampshire. We brought home this old painted drop-leaf table with about 7 coats of paint. By the time we got off all the paint we realized it was maple and the drop-leaves were Birdseye maple, it's so beautiful and I still have it to this day. Have a great day and keep up the great work. Ann Barrows


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